Fun facts about being a pumper

I often wear my pump clipped to the front of my pants or in my back pocket (if I am wearing jeans). If I happen to wear it out where it can be seen, I sometimes get questions from strangers like “is that a pager”? To which I am tempted to reply, not unless we are stuck in 1995. I don’t say that of course, but I do usually just tell them it is an insulin pump. Some people say ok and walk away while others will then ask, “oh, you must be a brittle diabetic then, right?” No, I am not. I just prefer to control this disease with a pump instead of shots. Is a matter of preference and convenience. Some people, like Brett Michaels of the band Poison, who is also type 1, prefer shots so as not to have to wear a pump all the time. I also often get asked what happens if I take it off. Well, after about an hour, the insulin wears off and I can end up with a high blood sugar. I just have to make sure I test before and after I take it off so as to treat any rising blood sugar readings. The one time I took my pump off to work out and then forgot to put it back on, which I do not do anymore (I just turn off the basal rate temporarily), i ended up in the ER with a blood sugar in the high 400s with nausea and a general sick feeling. Not fun.

People also want to know, although most don’t ask me directly, what do I do with the pump when I shower or want to get lovey dovey with my hubby? Although my pump is waterproof, I have nothing to clip it to when I am in the shower, so I take it off. I put it back on as soon as I get out and get dressed. I usually take it off when getting intimate with my hubby but sometimes I just put it next to me on the bed.

If you have questions about my pump, where I put it or anything else, just ask!

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