A new addition

to my diabetes regimen. I finally got a Dexcom CGM. I love it! Monitors my blood sugar every 5 minutes and tells me if it is high or low and if it is going up, down or running steady. I am not going to lie, the first night with this thing was like having a newborn baby (have already been through that twice but a long long time ago) It woke me up with a loud, annoying alarm every 2 hours. Firat I was high (over 200) then I was low ( below 80), then high again from treating the low with juice. By morning I was tired and frustrated. But I was determined to make it work. I learned to watch trends and adjust my basal rates and not to react too quickly. I noticed a trend of my blood sugars going over 250 every night around 3 am and adjusted my basal rate up for that time period. I was finally able to sleep through the night last night and woke up with normal numbers…yeah! This disease forever messes with me so I have to keep a close watch on it. Is like when my boys were toddlers, if I did not keep them in sight, bad things happened… they hid my car keys (and did not yet talk enough to tell me where they were), leading to an unexpected scavenger hunt before work or the time my younger son stuffed a cd into the vcr thus ending our use of that device. Thank goodness dvds came out shortly after that) After 20 years with this disease, I know better than let my guard down. I may no longer have toddlers to care for, but i still have a husband and 2 teenage sons who count on me to be there for them, no matter what and I want to beat this disease so I can do just that.

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